A Bottom-Up Tax Cut to Build Georgia’s Middle Class

This report by the nonpartisan Georgia Budget and Policy Institute presents a detailed description of the Earned Income Tax Credit and describes how a Georgia Work Credit would boost working families, small businesses and Georgia’s future workforce.

EITC map

One Pager Explaining the Georgia Work Credit

Need a short, simple resource to share with your networks? This one pager PDF provides background on the Earned Income Tax Credit and summarizes the potential benefits for a Georgia Work Credit. Short information sheets are also available for Georgia counties and state legislative districts.

Jon Keen

Support Georgia veterans through tax credits that work

Army veteran Jon Keen outlines the benefits that a state EITC would bring for Georgia’s military families. Read his blog.

Mom Kissing Child

21 Million Mothers Benefit From Tax Credits for Lower-Income Working Families

This fact sheet from the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities synthesizes data about how many mothers benefit from the EITC and how beneficial state credits can be for families.

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Tax Credits Help Lead the Fight Against Poverty

The Earned Income Tax Credit is one of the strongest anti-poverty tools available to lawmakers. This blog explains how a state EITC would allow families to keep more of what they earn so that they can afford basic necessities, like child care and transportation, that help them work their way out of poverty and into the middle class.