A Georgia Work Credit is Still Possible

Where does the Georgia Work Credit stand?

Crossover Day, the last day in which a bill could pass out of its original chamber in order to be passed this year, was last week. While we have several bills that would enact a Georgia Work Credit, none passed over by this Crossover Day deadline.

However, there are opportunities to pass a Georgia Work Credit this session as a direct economic payment. Now with the American Rescues Plan (ARPA), there is incoming federal relief that would give Georgia $4.7 billion dollars to use to advance recovery and relief. This relief also gives us an opportunity to pass a Georgia Work Credit this session as a direct economic payment—similar to the federal government’s stimulus checks. A Georgia Work Credit is a great opportunity to deliver real relief of up to $500 per family.

A Georgia Work Credit modeled as a direct economic payment also helps maximize our federal dollars. The federal relief bill includes a provision where, if states pass tax cuts using the federal funds, the state loses some federal aid. There is an exception, however, for direct payments.

Lawmakers have shown a desire to put money back in the pockets of working Georgians. HB 593 has passed out of the House and the Senate Finance committee. This bill raises the standard deduction to reduce taxes for most working families, but only by $46-$63. Only half of this reduction will be felt when people file their current-year taxes in 2022, with the full $46-$63 going into effect the following year. It also will likely cost the state twice as much money due to loss of federal funds. Lawmakers who want to support working families should support a Georgia Work Credit for immediate, meaningful relief that doesn’t put federal funding at risk.

Passing the Georgia Work Credit this year would provide immediate, targeted economic relief to Georgia families. The families of up to 1.5 million Georgia children would gain up to $500 in targeted relief. Please urge your lawmaker to work towards getting this measure added to legislation.

What can you do?

Continue to ask your lawmakers to pass a Georgia Work Credit. Spread the word about its benefits to low- and middle-income Georgians. We can get targeted, substantial and immediate relief to Georgia families this year – relief that would allow them to pay medical bills, repair household or car damage or afford rent. For links to write legislators as well as talking points, shareable images and templates for messaging, view our Georgia Work Credit toolkit here.