Event: Galentine’s Day for Georgia Work Credit

Fellows of the Georgia Women’s Policy Institute (GWPI), a program of the YWCA of Greater Atlanta, are hosting a Galentine’s Day to support the Georgia Work Credit. Galentine’s Day, popularized by the  TV series Parks and Recreation, provides a gal-friend focused alternative to Valentine’s Day. GWPI fellows are honoring the occasion by helping women flex their power and take a stand on important issues.

Everyone loves getting mail, so participants will be sending Valentine’s Day cards to state lawmakers highlighting important policies and sharing a little holiday love. Multiple Galentine’s Day events are planned, and here are the currently scheduled sessions:

  • Albany, GA: Saturday, February 10, 2018 from 12:00 PM to 3:00 PM. Register at Eventbrite.
  • Atlanta: Saturday, February 17, 2018 from 3:00 PM to 5:00 PM. Register at Eventbrite.
  • Columbus, GA: Coming soon!
  • Macon, GA: Coming soon!

Host Your Own Galentine’s Day

Want to host your own event? Here are some helpful instructions from GWPI.

We are thrilled you want to join YWCA’s Georgia Women’s Policy Institute, Georgia Budget and Policy Institute, 9to5 and many other great organizations in hosting a women centered Valentine’s Day postcard writing event. Ensuring as many state legislators receive postcards will help bring the importance of the Georgia Work Credit to the forefront this busy legislative season.

Let’s show some love – to great legislation!


  • Define your audience: Who is your audience and how will you reach them?
  • Decide on a date: what works for your community? We are encouraging all dates to be during the week of Valentine’s Day. Check local sources to make sure the date you want doesn’t conflict with other things happening for your audience.
  • Find a venue: identify a venue in your community that is easy to access and has what you need. It can be someone’s house, a public space, a restaurant, etc. Secure the venue for your chosen date!
  • Be prepared: make sure you print out our available list of legislators and talking points!

Sample Event Timeline:

  • 2 weeks out Choose a date for the event & create promotions
  • 1 day before Reminder sent to everyone you hope will attend
  • Day of Event HAVE FUN!
  • 1 day after Send thank-you email to attendees + send an update to GBPI


Your community likely has a variety of spaces that will host your event for free. Check local recreation centers, houses of worship, nonprofits, and even small businesses (coffee shops or pizza parlors) that have meeting spaces or private rooms. Can’t find a public space? You or someone you know could host an event in your home. Just keep the event small and work with people you know to invite community members who will treat your home with respect. Make sure to choose a space that has easy access for any guests who may take transit or those who need special accommodations to participate!


You want to build the BUZZ around your event, so we have a few suggested ways you can get the word out! We strongly suggest a mix of online RSVP’s, social media promotion and physical fliers posted around your community (if appropriate).


Not everyone is familiar with their elected state officials, so be ready to help people find out who their state legislators are.

Identify specific state legislators who might need some extra mail. While it is most important to let your specific legislator know you support the Georgia Work Credit, it doesn’t hurt to send mail to other Representatives and Senators who might care about the issue.

Help people craft their message. There are lots of ways to let your legislators know you support a Georgia Work Credit, but your guests might need help getting their message across.  The message should be short and understandable. Not all messages need to be filled with facts and figures, a heartfelt story about how $400 extra a year could help you or someone you know can go a long way!

Ensure it’s ready to mail. Double check the postcard/card to ensure it has everything it needs before your guests leave. It is easiest to do this as each person turns in their cards. Check for:

  • Sender’s name and district information (either a return address or a written statement that they are a “voter of district X”
  • Complete mailing address for legislator
  • Stamp! (NOTE: you may choose to add stamps later)

Make sure you get your cards in the mail as soon as you can. We want legislators to get this information soon so they can be ready to vote on the Georgia Work Credit bill.

Questions or feedback? Get in touch.