The Georgia Work Credit Needs Your Support

Call to Action

Help us reach our goal to send 150 letters to legislators! Thank you to all who have shared and sent letters to our legislators; we are currently at 63 letters. With Crossover Day approaching, we need to continue to build this momentum and let our legislators know we support HB 588.

If you have not sent a letter please send your letter of support.

Already sent a letter? Please share this link on social media, your email list, or send via text message, we need to spread the word about this important tool to help our Georgia families:

New Partner to Join Georgia Work Credit

We are excited to welcome the team of Faith In Public Life to our Georgia Work Credit Coalition. Faith In Public Life works to amplify clergy voices on issues of public policy. FPL Georgia helps to ensure that faith leaders have the tools to be heard from the White House to the State Capitol to their own congregations. Learn more about Faith in Public Life.

Want to add your organization to our coalition or do you want more information? Please email


“Currently I’m working two (2) jobs in an attempt to provide our basic needs and child care. Having […] more in my check would help me be able to provide my kids with the proper nutrition we need, cover my monthly diabetic supplies and payoff the extremely high interest rate credit cards currently used to help cover these costs.” – Ashley Bostick, member of 9to5 Savannah

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